BMEG Travel Policies and Procedures

University students, faculty and staff who travel to attend conferences, for competitions or for research should remember that they are traveling for a business purpose and in this capacity are representing the Department of Biomedical Engineering. As such, behavior should always be professional, safety should be of number one importance, although it is okay to have fun, and travel policies and procedures should be observed and followed at all times.

Students: As a departmental representative, whose travel is being supported by university funds, you are expected to participate fully in events, such as attending technical sessions at the conference, participating in networking events, etc.

Important Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. DO make use of University travel grant opportunities. These forms should be submitted before your travel authorization request and well in advance of your travel dates. Please check the honors and graduate school websites for further information.
  2. DO provide all appropriate cost center(s) and travel grant information necessary to pay for your trip along with the travel authorization request. The request cannot be approved without this information.
  3. DO utilize existing University providers when renting a vehicle. Providers include Enterprise Rental Car and Hertz as stated in the Travel Services. In addition, travelers should waive the insurance as our contract provides for this coverage. Travelers who utilize other rental agencies or who acquire insurance may not be reimbursed for this expense.
  4. DO be good stewards of university funds taking all measures of significant cost savings whenever possible. This would include early purchase of airline tickets, appropriate use of meal allowances, weighing the cost of rental versus public transportation, and utilizing cost saving hotels unless the benefits of safety and/or convenience to the event determine otherwise.
  5. DO make sure your name is associated with all expenses you claim for reimbursement. For instance, if you are sharing a hotel room, but you are the sole payer, it is necessary for your name to be on the reservation and bill associated with that hotel room.
  6. DO understand that all claims for travel by employee/student must be made out by the traveler and payment will be made only to the traveler. One employee/student may not include in his travel expense statement the expenses of another employee/student traveling in his company.
  7. DON’T claim expenses for meals or lodging within the city or town of the traveler’s "Official Station" as they are not allowed.
  8. DO be aware of reimbursement guidelines for overnight travel, reimbursement of meals en route and from the traveler’s original station will be subject to the following:
    1. Breakfast may be claimed if the employee leaves their official station prior to 6:30 am.
    2. Lunch may be claimed if the employee leaves their official station prior to 11:30 am, and when returning to home station if he/she arrives by 12:30 pm.
    3. Dinner may be claimed if the employee leaves their official station prior to 5:00 pm; and when returning, they arrive by 6:30 pm. Claims shall not exceed the maximum daily allowance plus applicable sales tax. Reimbursement is to be claimed for actual expenses incurred.
    4. DO submit your travel claim within 5 working days or as soon as possible upon return.
    5. DO submit all receipts along with your travel claim. This includes detailed meal receipts. Each travel destination has a Federal per diem allowance for food ( Travelers are permitted to claim actual expenses up to the per diem rate. Receipts are also necessary for hotel, rental car, gasoline, parking, taxi and miscellaneous expenses.
  9. DON’T claim reimbursement for personal entertainment, valet services or tips, flowers, alcoholic beverages, personal telephone calls, traveler's check service charges, laundry, cleaning, printing, or any other items not considered to be official business.
  10. DO observe proper etiquette in imbibing with alcohol during university related travel as outlined in the COE Alcohol Policy:
    1. First and foremost, students, faculty and staff must abide by all laws provided by the state.
    2. Alcohol is not a reimbursable expense.
    3. Students who are traveling as a part of a college competition (individual or team) or to a college supported/endorsed professional meeting or activity and who are of legal age to purchase/consume alcoholic beverages are strongly encouraged to exhibit discretion and professional behavior at all times.
    4. Alcoholic beverages in open containers and students who are under the influence of alcohol are strictly prohibited from being in any state/college/departmental vehicle or rented vehicle at any time.
  11. DO review a complete list of University Travel Policies here: This website includes further information on travel advances, claims, etc.
  12. DO review the UA Guide to Traveling located here:

Failure to comply with this policy may result in a refusal by the department to reimburse expenses for this travel event, and in some cases, travel will not be approved for future events.