Diversity and Inclusion

Statement from the Department Head

Dear Members of the BMEG Family,

I am truly saddened by recent events that present a sobering reminder that we have a long way to go in our society. Events over the past few weeks have caused pain, sadness, anger, frustration, hope, but more importantly the opportunity to showcase our collective humanity. Having reflected over the events based on my own life experiences in two diverse, "democratic" and imperfect societies, I sincerely feel that the anger and sadness that many of us feel at this time have to be channeled towards promoting positive changes in our society.

This is a time for each of us to reflect and determine approaches on how we can channel our energies towards creating an inclusive climate in our workplace and in our lives. It starts with each ONE of us doing our part in how we treat each other, especially someone we work with or learn from who have had different life experiences. Conversations during these difficult times help bring us together, identify the challenges and solutions, and implement changes.

The biomedical engineering discipline is unique in that it aims to address many diverse health issues that impact our societies. Empathy and inclusion is at the heart of our mission in cultivating biomedical engineers who can address grand challenges that impact diverse communities. Thus, a sense of community is critical in addressing many health, economic and racial inequalities and it is important that we keep the broader conversation going.

I am here to listen, learn and offer any support.  Please feel free to contact me any time.

- Raj Rao (June 19, 2020)


2021 - 2022 BMEG JEDI Scholars


From the left: Olivia Kolenc, Marcos Rodriguez, Emory Gregory, Zhexi Zhu and Paola Monterroso-Diaz.


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arkansas is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all our research and educational endeavors. We strongly feel that creating an environment that values and respects diversity in all its forms helps in cultivating biomedical engineers who can champion grand challenges in human health with empathy and inclusion.


If you feel that you are being impacted by discrimination or harassment of any kind, please contact any of the following:


Diversity and Inclusion Resources on Campus


National and International Societies


National and International Conferences


Other Resources


BMEG Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Kartik Balachandran Dr. Kartik Balachandran, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Peg Hart Peg Hart, Research Coordinator
Leonard Harris Dr. Leonard Harris, Assistant Professor
Paola Monterrosso-Diaz Paola Monterrosso-Diaz, BMEG Graduate Student
Young Hye Song Dr. Young Hye Song, Assistant Professor


Town-Hall Events

Collaborative efforts between graduate student leaders and faculty have led to the town hall discussions below: