Meet Our Graduate Students


Click to learn more about some of our current graduate students, and to discover why they chose BME at UArk:




Nasya Sturdivant, PhD candidate 

"The Department of Engineering at the U of A was very new when I joined. The exciting research interests of the faculty along with the extreme potential for growth of the department was a huge draw for me. I also had the opportunity to visit the university and the department before applying and I really meshed with Dr. Balachandran, my current advisor."




Sandra Prieto, PhD candidate

"The small community allows for one-on-one mentoring. The professors know us by name and are truly interested in each of us and our success."





Gage Greening, PhD candidate

"The faculty are terrific...Dr. Timothy Muldoon has been a great adviser. Under his direction, I've become a better technical science writer and have gained the confidence to individually pursue research leads."





Prashanth Ravishankar, PhD candidate

"Fayetteville is a great town to be in; the people are really kind and friendly. They greet everyone, which was surprising to me as an international student."