Molecular Engineering

Dr. Qian's Laboratory

 Dr. QianPrimary Investigator: Xianghong Qian

Dr. Qian’s major research interests focus on investigating the fundamental processes involved in carbohydrate chemistry, smart polymers for drug delivery and protein purifications, virus clearance, protein folding and misfolding using complementary experimental and theoretical and computational tools.  Ab initio and classical molecular dynamics simulation methods combined with static quantum mechanical calculations are used to elucidate the many underlying chemical and biochemical processes at the molecular level. She is the recipient of 2009 NSF CAREER award and has over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapter publications.

Precision Genome Engineering Laboratory

Nelson_research_1Primary Investigator: Christopher Nelson, Ph.D.

The goal of our research group is to develop next-generation gene therapies for debilitating and fatal genetic diseases. Specifically, we are interested in developing safe and effective strategies to deliver CRISPR/Cas9 to target cells and tissues. We are also interested in applying genome engineering to control aberrant gene expression. For more information, please contact or visit our website.