Meet our Graduate Students: Qusay Alfaori

Qusay Alfaori, PhD candidate


When considering options for graduate school, what made you choose the University of Arkansas?  The high quality of the education being offered, the faculty, and the research conducted.

What's the best thing about being a grad student here at the University of Arkansas? The diversity of this campus, and the available opportunities to work with people from various disciplines and backgrounds.

What's something people might be surprised to know about graduate life at the University of Arkansas? The fact that you will have more time to be innovative and invest in yourself by acquiring valuable experiences through interacting with different people in different fields of education.

Are there any faculty members you've had particularly good experiences working with? Working with all of the Biomedical Engineering faculty has been great and fun. I have enjoyed working with all of them through class or research interaction. First, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Ashok Saxena who guided me through my journey to earn my Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. The knowledge, experience, and encouragement I have received from him is so enormous and helpful in many aspects of my life. Second, Dr. Morten Jensen and Dr. Hanna Jensen, who have been extremely helpful in [helping me] overcome some of my research obstacles. I appreciate their advice, efforts, and time.Third, I would like to thank the rest of the faculty and staff of the department for their consistent help whenever I need it.

What would you tell an undergraduate student considering UArk for graduate school? Don't worry, you have the best faculty who are there to help YOU get to where you want to be and to do what you love to do. Do and fulfill your assignments, and leave the rest to the BMEG department. You all are our priority.

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