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What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering encompasses the creation, design, and operation, of processes / technology related to the broad field of human healthcare. The profession traditionally has focused on applications related to the development of instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, discovery of novel treatment options, production of new therapeutics, and the elucidation of underlying biophysical phenomena. Newer applications of biomedical engineering take advantage of the ever deepening understanding of human physiology and molecular genetics, as related to prevention, detection, and treatment of medical conditions

The world of medicine is changing rapidly, with new treatments and diagnostic tools being developed and tested every day. Many life-enhancing breakthroughs in medicine resulted from the combination of engineering and biology. As a biomedical engineer, you will work on the cutting edge of the medical field, finding new ways to enhance our health and well-being. You could investigate new ways to diagnose and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. You could design implants and prosthetics to help people with injuries, disabilities or diseases, or you could design high-tech medical equipment to be used in hospitals and doctor’s offices. A bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering is also a great way to prepare for medical, dental or pharmaceutical school.


The primary role of the Academic Scholarship Office is to administer university-wide merit-based scholarships and serve as a central resource for prospective and current undergraduate students seeking scholarship funding. The office also serves as a clearinghouse for scholarships awarded by academic departments and outside agencies. The goal is to support the university's mission of recruiting and retaining high-achieving students who enrich and diversify the academic environment of the University of Arkansas.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is always an option for incoming and current students. Each semester, every student's financial aid is evaluated for aid eligibility based upon their enrollment on the term's census date. For the fall and spring terms, the census date is 11 in-service days from the term begin date. As always, for the Financial Aid Office is ready to help or assist you anyway they can.

Why Biomedical Engineering at the U of A?

We're proud to offer advantages that include:

  • Wide-ranging and Interdisciplinary research environment:
  • Students admitted to our master's and PhD programs have the chance to work with a faculty whose research interests are vibrant and diffuse, allowing students to complete in-depth and specialized research in the areas that most interest th. Faculty specialties include: 

  • Research Support:
  • Note that all students enrolled in the Ph.D. program are offered either a research or teaching assistantship. Financial support for conferences and department-related travel is also available to all graduate students. 

  • Preparation:
  • The University of Arkansas is proud to prepare its graduate students for careers in a wide variety of fields, in both academia and industry. Students granted masters degrees are well-prepared for careers in biomedical engineering practice with government agencies, engineering firms, consulting firms or industries and to provide a foundation for continued study at the post-master’s level, while graduates from the PhD program  will be well-prepared for careers in academia, industry or government or as entrepreneurs in technology-based start -up companies.

  • Close-knit culture:
  • At the University of Arkansas, collaboration is key between students and faculty. 

  • City of Fayetteville, Arkansas:
  • Recently ranked one of America's mot charming places to live, Fayetteville boasts a 

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